Corporate Secretarial Services

A.B. Patel & Patel provides a full range of corporate secretarial services. The secretarial department forms an integral part of the corporate practice to ensure corporate compliance with an ever increasing corporate statutory and regulatory regime.

Whilst our responsibility as company secretaries under the Companies Act No. 17 of 2015 is to maintain and keep a company’s statutory records up to date, A.B. Patel & Patel also provides its clients with wide-ranging secretarial services over and above the minimum requirements under the Act. The department provides services to private limited companies and public companies.

We also provide the following company secretarial services: -

  • Kenyan company formation
  • Minutes taking (board and shareholders meetings)
  • Record keeping of Statutory books of the Company & Register services
  • Registered office facility

The firm has the resource of experienced Advocates and is therefore able to compliment the company secretarial services provided with expert legal advice and practical assistance to companies on corporate governance.